4 Scandi-inspired Tips to Streamline your Wellness and Beauty Routine

Clear out your bathroom cabinet

Scandinavians are particularly good when it comes to minimalism in design and the way they live their lives. The idea is to not hoard products and switch your routine daily, but rather to use certain basics and learn how to mix in new products here and there without overloading the skin constantly with new actives. Also, try to finish what you already have before moving on to a new product. Skincare products have a shelf life for a reason, and you don’t want them sitting in your bathroom for months.


Connect with Nature

People in Scandinavia spend a lot of time outdoors (cycling, hiking, skiing), which is great for regulating biorhythms.

Also, did you know that our eyes find it easy to detect the wavelengths corresponding with the colour green, thus helping us calm down, which is why colour green is often used in schools and hospitals? So take a little time every day to appreciate nature around you.



Enjoy "Fika"

Swedish people can’t live without their fika which is essentially a coffee break with cake. But it’s so much much more than that - it’s dedicated time to socialise with your colleagues or loved ones.

It is important to remember that life expectancy is longer in countries where social relationships are cultivated and prioritised.

Create a feel good evening Routine


The minimalist lifestyle is so much about appreciating and being grateful for small pleasures of everyday life. Creating a calming night-time ritual is one way to do just that. Incorporate chamomile tea and dry body brushing in your ritual and light your favourite candle while you apply your skincare. We love Bjork & Berries White Forest Candle inspired by the Swedish forests. And as final step, finish with extra thick layer of SANN lip serum in Bare. It works like a mask to moisturise and repair the lips overnight.

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