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SANN is a different kind of beauty brand. Instead of long-winded routines, constant new drops and innumerable shades, this is make-up made modern.


The idea of SANN has been on my mind for a very long time. I have always loved beauty, however, over the years I found myself completely overwhelmed by the myriad of products and the endless stream of beauty “must-haves” with unpronounceable ingredients that are deemed necessary in order to look ‘beautiful’.

I wanted to create a brand for modern consumers like myself that would be well edited, multifunctional, effective and use the safest, cleanest, most nourishing ingredients I could find.

I also wanted to redefine our perception of beauty by focusing on the values of what makes us truly beautiful. I was inspired by women with a point of view, a confidence, a femininity, an intellect and inner strength. SANN is my celebration of them.

SANN, which means true, real and genuine in Swedish, is a different kind of beauty brand. I think of it as the ultimate antidote to the oversaturated world of beauty. Instead of longwinded routines, innumerable shades of lipstick, constant new drops and an unhealthy obsession with anti-ageing (a term, which I think, shouldn’t even exist), SANN presents a tight, curated edit of modern, multi-functional make-up essentials to complement your inner beauty.

But there's so much more to beauty than how we look. It’s also how we act and uplifting and supporting women and girls around the globe is very much at the core of the brand’s DNA. That’s why for every product sold, we fund a Day of School programme in partnership with CAMFED, which allows marginalized girls in sub-Saharan Africa to go to school, learn, thrive, and lead change in their communities. SANN is a beauty brand that cares, and this permanent charity initiative is very close to my heart.

I welcome you to SANN, and hope that you like our products and join our community!

With much love,

Yuliya Tertilova-Kristell
Founder of SANN

Naturally effortless beauty

We believe that getting ready shouldn’t feel like a chore. Our concise yet comprehensive collection of products in flattering shade ranges cuts out choice fatigue, while each product feels intuitive to apply, practical to transport and a joy to wear. SANN is about complementing your real beauty, highlighting your inner healthy, radiant glow and ensuring you feel good about what you put on your skin.

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Made for Living

SANN is more than make-up: it is a lifestyle, a feeling, a vibe. We believe the beauty of life should be celebrated at every opportunity and that’s the intention behind providing a tight edit of multifunctional products. Easy-to-use products with fewer choices = more time to enjoy your life. We also believe in beauty without restriction; we honour beauty at every age.

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Social impact

Uplifting women and girls around the globe is extremely important to us, which is why for every product sold, we fund a Day of School programme through our partnership with CAMFED. Each product sold covers one day equivalent cost of everything a girl needs to go to school (from school fees, books and uniforms to sanitary pads).

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