The Reviews are in: 5 Stars for Solid Lip Serum

Sann Solid Lip Serum - Reviews are in
"It's fab! Love it!"


"Divine and gorgeous!"


"Loving SANN, it's my favourite product… and I'm no product junkie. I like the simplicity and multipurpose."


"My favourite - Morning Dew. Closely followed by Wild. Great coverage, hydrating, long lasting. Everything I am after."


"I love love the Sann lip fabulousness."



Hi there—Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I am completely in love with your serums! I have always been a bit of a lip care junkie, and have been disappointed again and again by various products that made big promises but didn’t deliver—either they didn’t actually make my lips feel moisturized, or they didn’t last long enough, or simply didn’t have good lip-feel. But I am blown away by yours—they are everything I want in my lip balm and more, and the color sticks are no less moisturizing than the clear, which is incredible. And my favorite part is how well the clear works under lipstick, since—in addition to lip balm—I am also mildly obsessed with red lipsticks, but always get frustrated by their feel on my lips after a couple of hours.So I guess this is less of a quick note and more of a long-winded love letter, but whatever it is you’re doing with these, please keep doing it—they’re amazing! "

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