Lip Care 101

Lip Care - Solid Lip Serum in Bare


Did you know that unlike the skin on the rest of your body, lips don’t have sebaceous glands? These microscopic glands are responsible for producing the oil that keeps skin soft and moisturized.

As a result, you may instinctively lick your lips to keep them moisturized. But doing so can actually lead to more dryness.

Licking can also cause yeast to build up on the lips. This may lead to a condition known as angular cheilitis, or painful inflammation at the corners of the lips.


Cocoa Buttter

The key to healthy lips is using a moisturizing product every day, such as our Solid Lip Serum in Bare, which contains precious oils and butters full of Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, Gamma Linolenic acids and Vitamins C and E. 


pro- tip:

If your lips are particularly dry, you may also want to exfoliate your lips 1–2 times per week. There are many lip scrubs on the market but it's actually really easy to make a great natural lip scrub from ingredients in your kitchen.


Lip Scrub Recipe



 You can also apply extra thick layer as an overnight treatment. Works wonders every time.


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