Words Escape Me

Words escape me. Have been staring at the screen, trying to express how I feel. I write and delete, write again and delete again. Bottomless sadness, extreme pain, anger, frustration, fear. Although London has been my home for over 20 years, I originally come from Ukraine. A lot of my family and friends still live there. My heart bleeds when I helplessly watch the country being torn to pieces. So many lives lost, such devastation and still so much uncertainty ahead and not just for Ukraine but for Russia and the world.

I know many of you share this sadness and have been deeply affected by what is going on. BUT, and here I am going to use the words of Dan Carlin:


And the outpouring support from people around the world has shown exactly that and re-ignited my belief in humanity’s better side.

And for our part, I pledge ALL the proceeds from the March sales of the Solid Lip Serum in colour Wild to be split between these two amazing organisations:

Doctors Without Borders and Choose Love

Wishing you all a peaceful sky above your heads,

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